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I will keep this page updated with my CV of acting and any public performances/filming work I do. It's also a timeline of where I started and maps my career as an actor back from my university productions where being a "proper actor" was just a pipe dream! Funny how these things work out!

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Malvern Theatres 2022

A multi role experience playing Belle, First Lady, Martha Cratchit and the Housekeeper in a small cast production of A Christmas Carol in December 2022 in Malvern Theatres. A wonderful experience to have a professional theatre credit back at the theatre that kickstarted my dreams!



Whittle Taps Cheltenham 2022

Serendipity started out of a mutual friendship and a mutual desire to be able to play music. We are gigging regularly around Gloucestershire and our first gig in Cheltenham went down a storm! Find us on Insta and feel free to book us for weddings and parties!

Bloss and Moss doing their thing Photo Courtesy of Steve Green.JPG


Rococo Gardens 2021

Introducing Bloss and Moss, fairy sisters who enjoy nicking bits of picnic, singing songs at random and chatting with visitors. We had the BEST time roaming the beautiful gardens and interacting with guests at the Midsummer Lights show at the Painswick Rococo Gardens. With fire dancers, tree top aerialists, stilt walkers,  a roaming bard and more, it was truly vintage outdoor entertainment at it's best. Here's to a return of fairy antics in 2022!



Sudeley Castle Spectacle of Light 2020

My third year of dressing up and prancing about as a magical character at The Spectacle of Light but with the twist of COVID regulations. Thankfully due to the fact that it is an outdoor event and social distancing is a lot more feasible we were able to go ahead with the event. We even incorporated our masks into our costumes. With the Nutcracker theme going ahead I got to take to the grounds as The Mouse King and live my fabulous villain dreams!

Talking Heads - Her Big Chance


Malvern Theatres 2020

The second of my stints at malvern in 2020. We took on two of Alan Bennet's Talking Heads plays. Again with reduced audiences and just the two of us in the cast it made for a very intimate performance despite the large theatre. 
I played Lesley in Her Big Chance. A some what deluded actress reminiscing on her recent "break" in a less than brilliant film. Funny and sad in equal measure. An absolute joy to perform and honestly I hope I can bring her to life again in the future.

Mooney And His Caravans


Malvern Theatres Brings Theatre Back in 2020

During the monumental year that was 2020 we had a brief moment where it felt like we might get some normalcy back. In that gorgeous pocket Malvern Theatres brought theatre back with reduced theatre capacity through the autumn. The first production was Mooney and his Caravans by Peter Terson. A beautifully sad play about a couple moving from Solihull to a caravan park in the Cotswolds.

Calon Lan


Short Horror 2020

When one of your best mates says "I'm making a horror film about a girl being hunted in the woods do you want to play her?" You kind of have to say yes. Even when you find out that you have to be covered in golden syrup and food colouring for a week in either freezing cold night shoots or sweaty and hot day shoots in the woods. The price we pay for friendship and awesome film roles!

Wonder Woman goes to the library


Black Veil Entertainment

An on going project with Black Veil Entertainment on their DC shorts that started back in 2019. Fan re-writes of the classic characters with new twists.  At the beginning of the project we took part in the Cheltenham Comicon 2019 which was based in the library. Naturally we had to get a shot of Wonder Woman reading some quality material.
We still have shots to get for the final cut of the short and due to the current climate we don't know when that will be, but watch this space!

Never grow up


Sudley Castle Spectacle of Light 2019

This was my second year of involvement with the Spectacle of Light at Sudley Castle. Each year the event is themed differently and with Peter Pan as the 2019 theme, I was asked to play Peter. The immersive nature of the event makes it so much fun to chat to kids and parents alike and get them ready for their journey around the grounds of the beautiful castle.
Within the panto world it is very well acknowledged that Peter Pan is played by a woman. However, this information did not seem to have reached the rest of the population as I got a lot of children shouting at me that I couldn't be peter Pan because I was a girl!
The wonders of playing this boy who never grew up meant that I could just blow a raspberry at them, stick my tongue out and shout "That's very rude! I'm a boy" and then run off! The joys of immersive theatre!

Machinal Action Shot.jpg


Arts Ed MA Final Production 2019

As part of most drama school courses, you put on a final production at the end of the course as a way to promote the students to the industry. It's also a chance to work with professionals in the industry and dedicate your time to a play as you would "in real life". 
We were divided into two casts and my cast performed the 1928 play by Sophie Treadwell, Machinal. Our director, Jessica Edwards, transformed the play from the late 20s setting into a dystopian future. The play follows The Young Woman through her journey and in our production the part was divided into three. Young Woman the Innocent, Experienced and Free, reflecting the main three divisions in her life through the play and how she changes. It was a brilliant experience playing Young Woman The Free, I got to sing, scream, be judged in court and... I won't spoil the ending.



Sudeley Castle Spectacle of Light 2018

My first involvement with The Spectacle of Light. Their Alice in Wonderland Theme needed a Mad Hatter and I got to be just that. 

The immersive stuff is always fun and getting to bamboozle people as they went through the amazing light spectacle taking place in the grounds was so fun. So much so that I carried on doing it after the spectacle was over. If you want a Mad Hatter bombarding your party, just get in touch! Go to the "What can I do for you?" page to find out more.



MA Acting 2018-19

This wasn't necessarily a "performance" but it's a significant part of my portfolio. If you aren't sure about drama school, or you've already done a degree and aren't sure about spending another three years in school, I recommend an acting MA. 1 year. Intensive. I cried. A lot. From joy and frustration and love and heart break and fear and ALL THE EMOTIONS. Because that's what you do. You unlock yourself and tap into all those feelings that exist so that you can bring them out again for an audience.



Malvern Theatres and The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018

Antigone was my third show with Malvern Theatres Young Company. It's a brilliant company, giving young actors the chance to produce theatre in a short period of time (two weeks of intensive rehearsals) in the summer with a professional production company supporting the cast. 

The show was directed by Nic Lloyd and was simplistic and stark. With only 2 props; a chair and a walking stick, alongside the masks of the traditional chorus, of which I was a member. With the four of us watching over the actions of Antigone and her uncle Creon, casting our warnings, judgements and advice. Joining forces in unison and various other combinations of voice.
Antigone had a run on the main stage at The Malvern Theatres and then a 5 day run in Edinburgh at the Fringe Festival in August. We received fantastic reviews and sold out shows at the fringe, a novel event for a company's first visit to the festival! 



Malvern Theatres 2017

My second roll with MTYC and it was almost too much fun. Getting to play Miss Adelaide was a joy and I hope to do it again professionally. Adelaide's Lament is still one of my go to songs to sing. 

We had 2 weeks to put on this cracker of a show and received stellar reviews. It's an intense thing to do and even more so when the cast is aged 13-23. The production was fully supported by a professional production company and was a thrill to be a part of. Directed by Andy Reiss and choreographed by Katie Leeming.

I really recommend MTYC to anyone in the area looking for a professional acting experience. There's nothing amateur about it. 

Album cover for the Salem Witches, 2017


Malvern Theatres 2017

My first roll with MTYC and it was my first "serious" part. Abigail is manipulative and conniving and knows what she wants. It's always fun to play the villain, especially when they show up, cause some drama, scream at the rafters and then bugger off! 

Given my height and age, I'm always worried that I won't get the chance to play roles like this again so I'm grateful that MTYC gave me the chance when they did! We were directed by Nic Lloyd and I was fortunate enough to work with him again the following year.



Cheltenham 2017

This was my first show after finishing my biomedical degree and deciding that I was going to change career completely and head off to drama school.

This show is ridiculous, hilarious and I have met friends who will stay forever in my life. Genuinely - I'm maid of honour to Dolly and Francis's real life wedding! 

I had never been in a play before, only ever musicals and to be one of the "Guvnors" no less made it even more nerve wracking! My transformation from choir girl to gangster was a fun one and yet another experience I would love to do again.



The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014

My first taste of proper professional public performance! 
Departures was a song cycle set on a train station platform written by Matthew Malone and Joe Bunce, who both went to The University of Sheffield where I was studying biomed. 
We had previews in Sheffield and the a full month run at the fringe. With 5 star reviews and sold out shows, it was a pretty good introduction into what I would end up picking as my career. (Even if I did bring a bunch of biomed text books up to Edinburgh with me in the optimistic hope that I would do some reading during the month... hint - I didn't).

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