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I have been singing in choirs since I was at primary school (my requirement in those initial choirs was mostly due to my volume, I've had a mighty set of lungs from a young age!) 

I discovered musical theatre at secondary school and took part in all the musicals we put on every other year. The pinnacle of which was playing the knife grinder in Oliver! (I was the only member of the ensemble who could hit the low F required for the part, including all those prepubescent boys). I was also part of every choir I could possibly be a member of.

My singing teacher Emma Winscom was the real game changer. She encouraged me to hone my passion and is probably why I ended up applying for drama school. Not before completing a degree in biomedical science though. 

Alongside all that music, I was a little science nerd! I loved biology and just knowing things in general. At one point there was the vague idea of going to medical school because I "liked science and people". Almost luckily, I didn't quite get the grades for medical school but I did head up to Sheffield for my biomedical experience. Not one to take on lightly, by the way. It was tough and definitely made me realise what it was that kept me thriving; Performing. The musical theatre society, the choirs and the accapella society that I started with a few friends, were the things that kept me going. 

That first run at the Edinburgh Fringe both awoke and killed the dream. It's an intense thing going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for a month with no idea as to what awaits you. 

In the end, I finished my biomed degree, ran away to Spain for a month with a friend and after graduation I went for a walk with my dad to have the conversation of "what comes next". He said the words "If you could do anything, without having to worry about bills and rent and all that other stuff, what would you be doing?"... 

"Performing" was the answer. 

So perform I did!

Drama school was the next step. I won't bore you with the details of that application journey but at the end of that year and a half, Arts Educational School in London was prepared to take me on! 

The next year of my acting MA was intense and life changing. It really is a cliche but the cliches are often true. 

Which more or less brings us to now. 

All I want to do is sing, perform and create work that speaks to others. I want to bring my love of science into my performance (there's a play in the making there). 

I want to sing at your wedding, entertain at parties, act on the west end, be in the next Harry Potter TV series (because that just HAS to happen) and write a play that makes one person go "that was everything I wanted to say".

Dream big and make it happen. 

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