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Welcome to my website. 

I am a singer, actor, performer, teacher and all around creative person. My journey into performance has been a meandering one and I am excited to share my passion with you. 

Let me sing at your wedding, perform at your party, model your designs or baffle people at your event as immersive characters! 

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7th September 6pm

With things opening up it is my DELIGHT to say that I am hosting a musical recital hosted by my fantastic singing teacher Emma Winscom

As it is a Juke Box evening, you can come and enjoy the songs that have been chosen by people already but if you have a hankering for something from my repertoire, you can pay and get one of your favourites performed right to you! 

(And don't worry, I take contactless ;) )

Come along to Salwarpe, Worcestershire and join us for a lovely evening.

It will be outdoors with gazeebo cover. Bring snacks and refreshments and we can revel together! 

Contact me for specific address details and a repertoire list if you want to make an early request!